Thinking of Visiting?

Before visiting a church there are usually questions we all have so we pray, check out the website, look at any social media,etc.,to help us make the decision. In this section, we would like to help you with that decision.

  • FAQ #1)What is it like?
    • The OAK is still in its planting stage and are always praying for God to send us laborers ready to put their hands to the plow. We started in homes and are now in our current building that we like to call the "upper room". We strive to cut away all of the bloat in the American church and truly live like the 1st century church. We are a smaller church with the average age being in the 30's. We value family and fellowship. We seek to be humble and when the Lord speaks, we seek to obey. We refuse to be so structured that we quench the Holy Spirit, but we also understand and follow Biblical principles and guidelines when it comes to that church structure. Our worship and song is contemporary in nature.
  • FAQ #2)What about my kids?
    • We have an equal amount of kids as adults and we are blessed and grateful for this! At the moment we have a children's ministry and a teen/youth group. The children's ministry serves the children 10 and under, the youth is 11 years old to 17-18. We have dedicated leaders and take the spiritual growth of the OAK youth seriously. As God sends the laborers, we will add more closely related age groups to better serve the growth and learning of our children.
    • The Lord has placed it on our hearts to help provide a separate space that will be a more controlled atmosphere for children with disabilites and qualified individuals to interact and love on our kids. We are currently praying and working on getting this going but in the meantime, please don't hesitate to bring everyone! We do have empty offices downstairs that can be used anytime as relax rooms. 
  • FAQ #3) Where do I park and enter?
    • We have parking spots in the front and on the side of the building.
    • You can enter in through the front door. 
  • FAQ #4) What do I wear?
    • Casual clothes
    • Modesty is the best policy
  • FAQ #5) How can I get connected?
    • Fill out our connection card
    • Talk with us!
  • FAQ #6) How can I support/give to The OAK?
    • We have multiple ways to give monetarily:
      • collection box in the sanctuary
      • Venmo - @theoakministries
      • Tithely App- You will need to create an account. Then search for: The OAK Church (NOT The O.A.K. Church)
        • There is a button on our website for this
        • Text-to-give - (833)622-1451
        • The OAK app (under construction)